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MSHOT microscope digital software is special for MSHOT microscope camera to connect with computer to view, capture, measure and process microscope images.

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Mshot Image Analysis System is independently designed by GuangZhou Micro-shot Technology Co., Ltd special for MSHOT microscope imaging. It supports MSHOT camera to run in computer by Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7/8/10(32bit & 64bit).


Mshot Image Analysis System Function List

Support format

Static image(*.bmp *.jpg *.tif)
Video(*.asf *.wma *.wmv *.avi)
Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
WDM mode
Mshot camera

Basic functions

Image live and Snap
Live video record and compressed video record
Color enhancement: Saturation
Exposure controls:Auto exposure, Analog Gain, Exposure time   
White balance: One Push WB, Regional WB
Resolution setting: Preview resolution, Capture resolution, ROI
Frame rate : Normal speed, high speed
Color Correction: 10 modes for different PC screen resolution
Image Flip : Horizontal Flip, Vertical
Calibration, dynamic & stastic measurement

Featured functions

Shade correction
Auto crop image
Auto count
Time inverval auto snap image
Focus & zoom indication
Liner weighted synthesis ( fuse fluorescence images or bright field images)
Anti power frequency: None, 50Hz, 60Hz

Color Controls parameters

RGB Gain contrast,Brightness,Grayscale,Contrast,Gamma,Sharpness,Min & Max value,
Stanining,Noise reduction

Measuring parameters

Straight, horizontal line, vertical line, polyline, polygon area, rectangles, ellipses, concentric,

three-point circle, the radius of the center circle, the circle had a diameter of two, three angles,

curves, point to the straight-line distance, hand-painted area , parallel lines line spacing, and text annotation

Image processing parameters

Image rotate
Image split, image combine
RGB channel
Image cropping/ are selection: rectangle, round

Fluorescence image controls

One push black balance, Regional black balance
Min & Max value
RGB Channel

Save Options

Default, customs configuration
Customs save path, file name



Mshot Image Analysis System OEM Version,can customize below items by requirement:

1. Icon
2. Company name and LOGO
3. Start page
4. Device name
5. Help document
6. Full software functions customization

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