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Olympus Medical Science Offical introduce Mshot fluorescence...


Olympus Medical Science Sales Japan Corp recommends Mshot MI-BG-LED acts as its 3rd party LED fluorescence illuminator for Olympus CKX53 inverted microscope officially. And do promoting activity in discount price during May to October this year.

the Olympus CKX53 delivers excellent performance and a comfortable workflow for a variety of cell culture needs including live cell observation, cell sampling and handling, image capture, and fluorescence observation.

From last year the Olympus Medical Science has started to lead Mshot illumiator to their 2019 provider catalogue.

To get more Mshot MI-BG-LED fluorescence illuminator information, click HERE.

Olympus Medical Science Japan company take in charge of sells Olympus microscope at medical science line, looking and importing valuable and excellent attachment to supplement Olympus microscope. Contact Olympus Medical Science Japan office tell you can get the demonstration.

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