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MI-BG(U)-LED | Inverted Fluorescence Illuminator

MI-BGU-LED is a fluorescence illuminator in LED light source, it is used to upgrade inverted biological microscope to fluorescence microscope. Special with built-in color LED lamps and modual design, MI-BGUV-LED is well fit to Olympus CKX41 and Olympus CKX53 inverted microscope for live cell. On purpose of user friendly , the products is lightweight and small volume. Combine light source, filter sets in one unit.

Compact design all in one unit
3W cold LED lamp for each filter group
Continuously adjustable brightness with rotatable knob
No need preheating or cooling, open to use
Accurate lever control different color lighting
One-stop operation of light source and filter, no need change light source
No need external or added power supply, PSE labeled power adapter
Safety, environment friendly and human friendly
Coated precision-cast aluminium with vented design
CE, FCC, EMC, EU, ISO certified

Genetics Andrology
Cell biology
Sperm analysis

One stop upgrade
No need external power box


                  Brightness control                       AC connector                            Vented design                           Laser printing mark                      Qualified filter

                  Continuous                                  Low power                                 Heat dissipation                        Accuracy lever Well                     Manufactured cube

                  Rotatable                                    Energy saving                             Durable                                    One stop operation                       Precision cast

                                                                     Electrical safety                                                                            Various observation

Parameters :

Blue LED wavelength

EF 480/40nm; DM LP505nm; EM LP520nm

Green LED wavelength

EF 530/40nm; DM LP570nm; EM LP590nm

UV LED wavelength

EF 350/50nm ; DM LP400nm; EM LP425nm

Light source

3W LED lamp

Support observation mode

Bright field, fluorescent

Filter cube transfer

Pull-push at four positions

( Blue, green, UV and bright field)

Brightness adjustment

Continuous adjustment

Input power

DC 4.2V 2A

Matched microscope

Olympus CKX41 / CKX53

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