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Adapter for Olympus/Nikon/Leica Microscope

Digital Camera C-mount Adapters

The digital camera C-mount adapters made by Micro-shot company are combination of innovative craftsmanship and precise optical technology. Our adapters can be used on many famous brand digital cameras such as Cannon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus. They can be connected to trinocular and binocular microscopes and other optical interfaces to obtain clear high-resolution, bright field, dark field, aberration, polarizing, differential interference and fluorescence images.  

Leica, Nikon microscope C-mount adapters (welcome customized orders)


Applicable to digital cameras of NIKON,CANON,OLYMPUS,SONY and other civil digital cameras and videos with the thread 58mm, 42㎜,28㎜,37㎜.

CCD camera adapters are applicable to variety kinds of Video Camera; Digital Camera, etc. 

Applicable to most microscopy brands microscopes, including upright microscopes, inverted microscopes and stereo microscopes with the brands OLYMPUS 、NIKON、 LEICA、 ZEISS and other brands.  

Leica 0.5X C-mount  Adapter 

(welcome customized orders) Material: Aluminum alloy 
Surface treatment: black anodized
Size: Φ52mm X32 mm 
Applicable interface: standard leica trinocular interface, diameter 38mm (1.5inches)  
Feature: 0.5X lens in the adapter and can basically focus with the eyepiece. 
Standard microscope C-mount adapter

Via TV0.5X, TV1XC interfaces,installing cameras on the interfaces of trinocular tube or binocular tube to connect digital cameras to the microscopes and achieve photomicrography. In addition, Miro-shot can assemble the C-mount adapter with the digital camera with lens to connect digital cameras to microscopes to realize photomicrography.
Microscope imaging device (installation diagram of digital camera and microscope camera)

Features of microscope adapter:

1. Wide applicability for any brand of microscopes
2. Centering focus technology, the centering focus technology and optical technology enable it focus faster and easier .
3. High quality image makes it shooting more stable and no vibration occurs to affect the image quality.
4. Compact and beautiful appearance. 

Tips of microscope adapters:

1. Why the images captured by some microscopes have color edges?
2. Why the images captured by some microscopes are clear in the middle and blur on the edges?

3. Why the images captured by some microscopes have bent straight line? How to prevent this? 


View the image through the eyepiece first, if the image has the features of clear in the middle but blur on the edge and bent straight line, that is to say the aberration of the objective and eyepiece is not calibrated. Under this situation, it is very hard to get high quality images.

If the problem mentioned above doesn’t occur, that might be the problem of the digital camera adapters. At present, many digital adapter manufactures only consider the imaging relationship but ignore the factors of chromatic, aberration, field curvature and distortion,etc. Thus, the images will have many problems such as color edge caused by non-calibrated aberration, middle clear but edge blur caused by non plan field correction and bent straight line caused by field curvature.
The images captured are mainly for measurement, but the problems mentioned above will have big effect to the measure, especially when doing  high magnification measurements.

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